Photo 14 Aug Yeast waking up

Yeast waking up

Link 14 Jun Beersmith brewing software»

I’ve used this the past couple of years to organize my beer recipes and do calculations and inventory control. Price is under $30. There is a free trial.

Photo 13 Jun Mashing step for an oatmeal stout.

Mashing step for an oatmeal stout.

Text 24 May Beer and search ads

Wow. I randomly did a search for “beer”. The first ad result was Coors Light. Really? You pay to have your beer appear in search results? I know that’s modern day advertising, but what is that really saying about the macro brew? Losing market share are we?

Beer no longer is just a commodity…it’s already everywhere now. Now a lot of people want to try different beers. Steering them back to your brand to try new brews makes sense. Steering them back to your old commodity brew not so much. I’m sure some one will tell me it makes sense to keep every generation aware of even the long established beers. Ok.

But I want to taste what’s new. Oh, you don’t make anything new? There are 23 major categories of Beer (bjcp) and with subcategories makes 80+ different styles. You only make two or three styles? Hmmmm. Your beer will have to take a number in line to my mouth. You’ve already been cataloged and stored on memory.

It’s no longer “Hey there’s this great thing called beer”. Today it’s “Hey there’s this great new beer” because everyone makes it slightly differently ( or a lot different).

Relax. Enjoy a beer. Adventurous? Enjoy a new beer.


Text 18 May Light + Beer = Skunky!

When grilling on the patio I no longer use a clear glass to hold my beer. 5 to 10 minutes in the SHADE is all it takes to make a skunky aroma and flavor in the beer.

It will “blow off” after a few sips but I’d rather not have my beverage experience interrupted.

Link 15 Sep Show what's on tap at your bar or kegger...»

I have something adapted from this version of the Kegerface.  I modified it to also show what bottle inventory I have in my kegerator.  I have also made  links such that you can tap/click on the display to subtract a pint (or bottle) from inventory.  I don’t use the RFID part that the Hymas Wood does.

Neat project running on my Raspberry Pi.

Link 7 Aug GrogTag - Custom Homebrew Beer Bottle Labels you Design for Free»

Just found this cool site…!

Link 1 Aug Making Cider: TIps from the Pros»

Some good tips here.  Not all-inclusive, but worth a read.

Text 27 Jul

Recently brewed (and drank) a SPECIAL BITTER that I added bourbon soaked oak cubes to (in the keg).   Delicious.  It is interesting to see the flavors/aromas change over time.  I think the peak flavor was about 2 months with the oak in the keg.  Beyond that it started moving toward more oak/woody which isn’t my preference.   Some very nice vanilla flavor came out of the oak.  I used about 2 oz of medium toast French oak cubes in twice as much Maker’s Mark.  I only added the cubes to the keg, not the  leftover bourbon.  Next time I will add some fresh Maker’s to get a little more bourbon character.

What have you done with oak and/or bourbon and beer?

Link 6 Jun Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale»

Want a delicious, but different, beer?  Try a bourbon barrel aged beer  (Stout, ale, whatever, just DO IT).  They are delicious.  I didn’t even know they existed until a few years ago.   Get one on tap if you can, but the bottle is fine, too.

Warning: they tend to be a little higher in alcohol (8 or 9%).

Did I mention that they’re D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S?

(click the title link to go to the KentuckyBourbonBlarrelAle page)

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